Exclusive Free Seminar Reveals: How to Create Unbreakable Willpower So That Getting (and Staying) In Shape is Simple, Easy AND Enjoyable

  • How to Get in Shape WITHOUT Starving Yourself or 'Banning' Your Favourite Foods
  • Simplifying Nutrition and Exercise so That You Can Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time
  • How Anthony Transformed His Body Without Spending His Life in the Gym and Eating out of Tupperware
  •  How to Eliminate Confusion and Overwhelm About Getting (and staying) in Shape 
  • Simple But Powerful Technique to Create Unbreakable Willpower and Motivation 
  • Discover how Alison, a 50 year old mum from Burnley dropped 4kg and 4% body fat in just 8 weeks without it taking over her life 
  • How to eliminate confusion and overwhelm about getting (and staying) in shape 
  • and much, much more
When: Saturday 27TH October,  1pm- 3pm
Where: Unit 6, Empire Business Park, Liverpool Road, BB12 6LT
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